Tuesday, May 4, 2010

cancer characteristics, cancer personality, cancer zodiac sign

Here is a brief list of some of the keywords associated with the characteristics typical of the cancer personality traits.

The zodiac sign of cancer is nutruring and homely. The home and a comfortable one at that is cancers pride and joy! It is in the home that cancerians feel safe and enjoy creating a home that is comfortable for his or her much loved family. i

If you are in love with a cancerian man or woman and you are hoping they will eventually get rid of those old family heir looms...think again! "The crab'personality rids him self of nothing old. Many cancerians own antiques that have been passed down from generation to generation that they wont part with any time soon.

Family is one of the cancer zodiac biggest goals. They look forward to the day when their child will call him or her "Mom" or "Dad" and why not! cancers have a natural ability to love and support. Becoming a parent allows for cancer to utilize their god given talents.

Cancer is ruled by the moon which gives them a unique perspective on life and allows them to have a zany very humourus personality. However the crab is also a very sensitive character. Should you reject or slightly even critisize him, he will run and hide in his shell for hours.

Cancer personality astrological planet rulership

in astrology the planet "moon" may represent...

  • maternal urges
  • the unconcious
  • home
  • dreams
  • emotionaly security and insecurity
  • nostalgia
  • memories
  • Things of past
  • feelings
  • sensitivity

This planetary ruler ship can cause the cancer zodiac personality to be...

  • sensitive
  • a great parent
  • moody
  • affectionate
  • empathetic
  • nurturing
  • too leanient
  • over indulgent
  • marriage minded
  • overprotective
  • intuitive
  • telepathic

cancer characteristics overprotective: The cancer personality sees the world form a narrow and sometimes pessimistic perspective. Love and hate, nurturing and unsupportive, family home and those who want to harm others. Due to this cancerians tend to be over protective of their children and loved ones. In an effort to sheild them from the world.

cancer characteristics ruled by the moon: cancerians need to watch their weight. They tend to go from really overweight to really underweight....they must try to balance their eating by incorporating food from all mager food groups and balance eating times and quantities to avoid ongoing wieight issues.

cancer characteristics excellent short and long term memory: This zodiac personality represents "things of past" for this reason they never forget a hurt, put down, or critisisim. So, to stay on "the crabs" good side....just be sure to be nice...cause they will not let go

cancer characteristics too lenient: The cancerian parent and or lover, is very caring and believes the best in his or her loved ones. They may even at times be a little naieve regarding what his or her children or lover may be capable of in terms of doing or saying things that may be inappropriate. To a cancerian the family is everything. They will support their loved ones as much as possible.


cancerian characteristics when in love

  • tuned into the feelings of the partner
  • sentimental about experiences
  • enjoys cooking meals for the loved one
  • loves the partners parents
  • hints to get married
  • does not let go of the past
  • can be insecure at times
  • sensitive to the partners needs and desires
  • enjoys love making
  • slow to make a move
  • trys to avoid being hurt
  • is clingy when in love
  • has a heart of gold towards the partner
  • is the nurturer in the relationship
  • looks after his family
  • puts love and family first
  • intuitive regarding partners feelings
  • may be shy at first

cancer personality astrological planet rulership

the moon is the night watcher of the earth....just like the sun he sees and knows all that we do...even worse at night...cancerians are sensitive to our every word and tone...they want to know the truth of our actions and words...and will!

the moons planetary influence can cause the cancer zodiac sign characteristics to be...

  • cancer characteristics cautious with the unknown
  • cancer characteristics overly sensitive
  • cancer characteristics overly protective 
  • cancer characteristics kind and caring
  • cancer characteristics intuitve
  • cancer characteristics spoiling of children
  • cancer characteristics long memories
  • cancer characteristics introverted sometimes
  • cancer characteristics imaginative
  • cancer characteristics domestic


"the crab" personality when in love

  • enjoys keeping the home in order for the loved one or before the loved one arrives
  • will by gifts as reminders of past dates and soirees
  • will smile alot in the presence of the loved one
  • loves the gift of flowers
  • will enjoy intimacy with the loved one
  • will discuss marriage even if not living together
  • becomes part of the family quickly as an in law
  • enjoys the children in laws
  • cooks well when he trys
  • loves to show his affection to the loved one
  • will apologize for little things often

cancer personality expectations when in love

  • partner to admit quickly, when he is wrong
  • complete monogamy
  • family first
  • a good income from the partner to create a comfortable home
  • to get married soon
  • to discuss issues openly and honestly
  • the partner to appreciate him
  • feelings to be shared never hidden
  • to come first
  • money to top priority
  • birthdays and anniversaries to be marked by flowers and cards
  • relationship problems to stay private
"the crab" character at work

  • needs an environment where the personalities are harmonious
  • likes to be the mom or dad of the office
  • makes work feel like home by adding trinkets
  • may want a job where they can bring their dog to work
  • works quietly
  • is always friendly and upbeat
  • may be overly pessimistic at times
  • gets on well with most people
  • likes to be well thought of by co-workers

best types of employment for the cancer personality

  • florist
  • interior designer
  • home renovater
  • gardener
  • landscape artist
  • veterinarian
  • marine bilogist
  • scientist
  • counsellor
  • family therapist
  • real estate agent
  • child and youth counsellor
  • antiques dealer

some personality traits cancer could improve on:

  • learning to be independent of love partner
  • make self a priority in ones life
  • to get over past hurts more quicly
  • learning to forive and forget
  • learning to let go of old items that serve no purpose
  • understand there are other ways to enjoy life other than through
  • family and parenthood

the cancer personality and cancer character child

  • is very sensitive to mom and dads harsh tones
  • will stay sad for a long time
  • crys often and easily
  • will care for others who need caring for
  • will want to help with the maintenance of the home
  • enjoys having friends over to play at his house
  • likes food
  • is sensitive to sounds and colours
  • wont forgive quickly
  • what to teach the young cancer personality:
  • imagination is something you do when its play time and play time only
  • critisism is a normal part of life
  • crying will not always get you what you want
  • say what you desire instead of sulking
  • always try to finish what you started
  • its normal to have experiences where your feelings get hurt must move on from them

the cancer personality as friend

The character of "the crab" is one of being caring, supportive, understanding, and nurturing....you could not have a more loving friend than that of cancer. Cancer treats those close friends as family. Providing a loving heart, mind and ear, is common for this zodiac friend to do to those whom he loves in need. This zodiac personality is also alot of fun to be with, never mind that they are one of the funniest signs of the zodiac, but they also love to get out and create and try new things. If you want to have some fun with a cancerian, take them to an auction, an antique shop, or furniture shopping with you, they are sure to make they will provide almost an expert opinion on these topics. Until next time "love is the strongest gentle force!"