Monday, August 9, 2010

pisces characteristics, pisces personality, pisces zodiac sign

Here is a brief list of some of the keywords associated with the pisces zodiac characteristics and personality.
  • sensitive pisces character
  • psychic pisces character
  • moody pisces character
  • romantic pisces character
  • insecure pisces character
  • deception pisces character
  • fantasy pisces character
  • escapism pisces character
The Pisces character likes to know where they stand with others. If they have to resort to some sort of deception to find out...they will do it. Also they tend to do this when they feel that a person may want to hurt their feelings even when this may not be so.

romantic: Most pisces are natural romantics at heart. They absolutely love to have a partner to share their affections with and and talk to about their deepest feelings. They love "love" to sorround them in their daily lives in as many ways as possible..such as from their children, friendships and even pets. (if they own one)

insecure: at times pisces can be very insecure and unsure of them selves. They may from time to time take on the feelings of others not even knowing they are doing this. They also fear things and others when there is no need. Which causes them to be unsure about what decisions to make at certain times

escapism: because pisces are sensitive...sometimes the physcial world does not suit them, so they create their own fantasy...where they can be whoever they want, and include others in those fantasies...sometimes they include things that they wish would take place in their real lives.

receptive and psychic: because pisces are so receptive to the feelings of other people and the spirtitual world many pisces are psychich. For those of them who are just beginning to experience their abilities as adults...this may be a frightening experience...for those who were familar with this gift since child hood they may even enjoy their powers.

a list of some typical pisces characteristics

positive character traits of the pisces personality :

  • unassuming
  • accepts others at face value
  • is warm and welcoming
  • very loving and kind

negative character traits of the pisces personality:

  • is often decieptful
  • may be moody
  • too sensitive
  • often procrastinates
  • The pisces male / female personality when in love

When "the fishes" love you they will...

  • be romantic
  • easily adaptable to the new relationship
buys presents for the lover
  • will enjoy romantic love games
  • can be moody and changeable
  • may with draw when unhappy
  • aims to please his lover
  • enjoys buying presents for the lover

Pisces personality expectations when in love:

  • to recieve daily affection from the loved one
  • birthdays and other special occasions to be remembered
  • to be told frequently "I love you"
  • To fantasize with the lover about their future together
  • to enjoy nature such as picnics, and visits to the beach with the loved one.

The Fishes personality and character at work:

  • needs to be liked by all his colleagues and superiors
  • Chooses work attire that is pleasing to the eye
  • Needs to work in an environment that is free of conflict
  • needs work involving other people
  • may be the psychic one in the office
  • enjoys helping others less fortunate
pisces characters hates to think that someone does not think higly of them: Why...? I don't really know. I think they think they are intuned to the feelings of others, and some times this is true. Other times pisces just allows their own thoughts to run away with them and they create issues between them selves and others that were not there initially. Pisces should learn to keep the peace whether or not a person likes them.

pisces characters  have a great sense of style with natural "water element" influence: Pisces have a great fashion sense, especially female pisces. The alway seem to dress them selves as if they are arranging flowers. This means that they choose nice fabrics, patterns and colors that all flow nicely together. This is typical of a water sign.

pisces characters  feel deeply for others: very empathetic and sympathetic: Pisces feel deeply for others who are unahppy. This is why they are often motivated to get into jobs that allow them to help others.

pisces characters may want to volunteer: this is good for the young pisces and older retired pisces as hobby. Volunteering gives pisces the sense that all the people out there who want help, are getting it...and that they are part of the reason. This makes them feel good and confident.

Best types of employment for pisces character

  • psychic
  • interior decorator
  • familiy therapist
  • teen counsellor
  • child and youth care worker
  • hair stylist
  • life coach
  • florist / floral designer
  • artist
pisces characters  suits employment that allows them to be around children or to show case their natural flair for creating beautiful things.

Some character traits "the fishes" zodiac could improve on

  • The "get you before you get me" mentality
  • loosing them selves in new relationships
  • purposely setting out to decieve others
  • negatively acting out instead of articulating feelings
  • curbing the urge to hurt the feeling of others

"The fishes" pisces zodiac sign as child

  • pisces characters will decieve his parents often
  • pisces characters haites to be spanked / scolded
  • pisces characters loves to play for hours
  • pisces characters loves to visit places designed just for children
  • pisces characters may have psychich abilities
  • pisces characters feels bad for other children when they unhappy
  • pisces characters May be very creative / artistic from a very young age
  • has many friends

What to teach young pisces personality

  • lying is not nice or a good human quality
  • other worlds do exist but we live in this one
  • leaning on Mom and Dad emotionally should be done sometimes, but not all the time
  • Hurt the feelings of other kids meanis they probably wont like you anymore 
pisces personality astrology sign as friend

Pisces zodiac as a friend is sympathetic friendly and a great listener and conversationalist. Just be careful what you tell them because they may one day use it against you. Remember pisces are very sensitive, so if you think you will be this zodiac signs friend but only a little bit, this is sure to bring out negative character traits of pisces. However if you fully embrace pisces as your friend, you could not find a more loving, understanding and commited friend than the pisces male or female.